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Planting & Growing

To assist those of you interested in growing olive trees we have assembled a number of pages (see below) which we hope will be helpful. This is a large and sometimes complicated subject area but it is our hope that the information on these pages will provide a starting point.
  1. Land Suitability
  2. Variety Suitability
  3. When to Plant
  4. Olive Grove Layout
  5. Land Preparation and Planting
  6. Irrigation Requirements
  7. Fertilizing
  8. Lime for Olive Tree Health
  9. Pruning and Staking for Mechanical Harvesting
  10. Monoconical Pruning
  11. Black Olive Scale
  12. Peacock Spot
  13. Machinery Manufactures
  14. Super-High-Density Evaluation by Dr. Joan Tous
The above-referenced pages (except #14) apply primarily to standard density olive groves. For super-high-density olive orchards see our pages on super-high-density varietals and machine harvesting.