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Useful Links
The California Olive Oil Council
The COOC was created in 1992 to exchange information about growing olives & making olive oil. California ~ a source of world class olive oil!

Olive Oil Source
A large, well organized site containing a wealth of information on the olive oil industry. This site also has a lot of information on related topics such as planting & harvesting, equipment & containers, recipes & health, books and links to a large number of related sites.

The International Olive Oil Council
A very political website focused on international trade. However, they do offer a number of publications and the site does contain a certain amount of useful information

Olives Australia
A major supplier of olive trees and related services in Australia. Their site is definitely slanted toward the Australian market but has some useful information on planting and growing olive trees and on olive harvesting and oil production.

Alfa Laval
A major player in the olive refining equipment arena. Their products for the olive oil industry include equipment for all operations from washing through crushing, malaxing, and extraction to final clarification of the oil.