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Books: Recommended references

Olive Production Manual* (English)
Edited by Louise Fergeson, Steve Sibbett and George Martin
University of California, Division of Agricultural Resources
Publication # 3353, 1994

Desert Olive Oil Cultivation: Advanced Biotechnologies* (English)
Zeeve Wiesman
Academic Press, 2009, Boston, MA 01803
An excellent review if the Israeli experience for the last 20 years in growing olives under adverse conditions. Forward-looking with regard to technology and innovative approaches. A valuable reference for anyone considering olive cultivation under marginal or adverse conditions.

Olive Oil: Chemistry & Technology* (English, 2nd Ed 2006)

Dimitrius Boskou Ed., AOCS Publishing.
An excellent review of olive oil technology. The chapters on "Olive Oil Composition" and "Analysis and Authentication" are extensive, detailed and well referenced. A valuable reference for anyone struggling with the problems of olive oil adulteration.

Olives* (English 2009)
Ioannis Therios
CABI, Cambridge, MA 02139
This is more of a nurseryman's reference, which is not surprising since the author is Professor of Pomology. Heavy emphasis on propagation, planting, irrigation and nutrition. Concice descriptions of all of the major olive varietals. Lots of current references on the areas not thougherly covered.

Olive Oil from Tree to Table* (Second Ed, 1998, English)
Apostolos (Paul) K. Kiritsakis
Food and Nutrition Press, Trumbell, Connecticut 06611
An excellent overview for anyone just entering the Olive Oil arena. Clearly written and well illustrated with photographs and graphs. Somewhat dated in the areas of olive oil analysis and authentication as these areas have advanced very rapidly in the last 12 years.

Olive Oil: Minor Constituents and Health (English, 2009)
Dimitrius Boskou Ed., CRC Press, Taylor & Francis New York
An ambitious approach to an important and difficult area. Boskou tackles the tricky subject of trying to evaluate the effects on human health of the phenolics, sterols, triterpenes and hydrocarbons in olive oil. Well thought-out and very current this is a valuable reference for anyone trying to evaluate the beneficial effects of olive oil.

World Olive Encyclopedia*
International Olive Oil Council, Madrid, Spain, English, 1st Ed. 1996.
A well written and beautifully illustrated volume, it is an excellent introduction to olive cultivation and processing world-wide. Due to the tremendous technical advances of the last 14 years, the technical portions of the book are out of date.

Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing* (English)
Ricardo Gucci and Claudio Cantini, CSIRO Publishing
150 Oxford Street (P.O. Box 1139), Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia
Ph: + 61 3 9662 7500, Fax: + 61 3 9662 7555
E-Mail: sales@publish.csiro; www.publish.csiro.au

Variedades Del Olive (Spanish)
By J. Tous Marti and A. Romero Aroca
Fondacion "La Caixa", Via Laietana 56, 08003 Barcleona, Spain

El Cultivo Del Olivo (Spanish)
By Diego Barranco, Ricardo Fernanez Escobar and Luis Rallo
Mundi Pensa Libros S. A., Castillo 37 - 28001 Madrid, Spain
* Available from Amazon