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Bruce Golino, owner and founder of Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery has a long history in California production agribusiness. In 1994 he began importing olive trees of several varieties from Europe and planted a small test orchard to observe how they would respond to California's soil and climate. He also began experimenting with olive tree propagation resulting in his founding Santa Cruz Olive tree Nursery Inc. in 1999 to fill the growing demand for olive trees for olive oil production.

Today Santa Cruz olive Tree Nursery Inc is a leader in the industry, supplying hundreds of thousands of tree to growers throughout California. Varieties produced include Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki for Super High Density growers as well as traditional California varieties such as Mission and Manzanillo and European varieties including Frantoio, Leccino and Picual. In addition Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery maintains the largest collection of varieties for sale in the USA and has the knowledge and experience of a pioneer in the field.

Santa Cruz olive tree Nursery continues to grow to serve an expanding olive oil industry and has been an innovator in production techniques to produce the highest quality plants at the lowest possible price. In addition Bruce Golino has been active in the California Olive Oil Council, the trade organization representing growers including serving as its president in 2003-2004, and spearheading the drive to have Olive Oil trade standards adopted by the USDA.