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Olive Machinery - Manufacturers & Distributors

Oil Extraction Equipment


30 Viale Cavalotti, 60035 Jesi, Ancona Italy
Ph/Fax: (0011/0015 39) (0) 731 231 239

A highly competitive specialist manufacturer of continuous flow olive oil plants of many sizes. They produce excellent equipment at a reasonable price. They also own a number of olive groves for commercial and experimental use in Italy.

Alfa Laval

Giovanni Caneschi, Alfa Laval SpA - Olive Oil Service, 50021 Barberino Val d'Elsa, 2/4 Via DanteAlighieri, Firenze, Italy.

Alfa Laval manufactures excellent quality continuous flow olive oil plants of various sizes.

OLIOMIO - Italian for "My Oil!"

A revolutionary, small scale, continuous flow oil extraction plant. Machines are compact, hygienic, efficient, and a reasonable price. Perfect for growers wanting to produce their own olive oil on their own equipment.

Westphalia Separators

Mr Edwin Cruz, 4 Saligna Dve, PO Box 398, Tullamarine 3043
Ph: (03) 9335 1533 Fax: (03) 9335 1515 (Australian Rep)

Suppliers of large scale continuous flow oil extraction machines ranging in size from 1 ton to 4 tonn of olives per hour.

Chiappini Presses

Fabio Chiappini, Via dei Pini, 3, Fabro 05015 (TR), Italy
Ph: (0011 39) 763 82 550 Fax: (0015 39) 763 82 620

These presses can process up to 1,200 kg of olives per hour. They are also suitable for cold pressed oil extraction from sunflower seeds, peanuts and a range of other oil crops. This allows the owner to run their extraction plant outside of the olive harvest season and therefore makes it an even more commercially viable venture.

Enoagricola Rossi

Adelmo Giovannini, 06010 Calzolaro, Umbertide, Perugia, Italy.
Ph: (0011 39) (0) 75 930 2222 Fax: (0015 39) (0) 75 930 3238

Enoagricola Rossi produce high quality, traditional type olive oil presses with capacities of 30kg to 150kg of olives per hour. Their equipment has proven its reliability around the world.

Table Olive Equipment


Sadrym manufactures what is widely known as the best table olive equipment in the world. Some of the machines they produce are olive slicers, olive size and blemish graders, fruit conveyors, olive cleaning machines and of course their pitting machines which can pit, stuff and recap up to 2,000 olives per minute!